20 Mar 2019

The world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the domain of marketing with the entry of digital marketing. Everything that was thought to be the perfect form of advertisement was exposed to the people as an incomplete form of promotional drive that gained completeness with the integration of digital marketing tactics. The inclusion of digital […]

14 Feb 2019

For those of us remotely associated to the advertising industry, the catchphrase, Content is King may not be new to them. However for the naive and uninitiated, the key to success is any field, especially consumer oriented business is quality and response provoking content. That this adage has found application and use in industries beyond […]

29 Jan 2019

As the virtual world is on a rapid expansion plan, there is a noticeable displacement in all areas of life to make them digitally compatible. With trade and commerce having been displaced substantially to the digital platform, more and more established brands are trying to create a strong foothold on digital space to ensure they […]

19 Dec 2018

Content has always been the king irrespective of the medium of communication. It is only now with the rise of the digital marketing medium that consumers are realizing the value of content but content has always been critically instrumental for leveraging any message, of commercial or social value intending to elicit a desired response from […]

13 Dec 2018

The very core of marketing is getting an upheaval due to the continually advancing digital front. This is the reason why digital marketing is the new face of marketing. From flyers to greeting and from events to media, every aspect of promotional tactics have found their perfect spot on the cyber pasture. Nowadays, the videography […]

10 Oct 2018
Voice Search Optimizing

The digital age dawned in the 2000s with the ascent of computers and the internet. But what made it revolutionary was something entirely different; it was the emergence of some of the groundbreaking software that made the digital age truly futuristic. A search engine is one of such revolutionary inventions of the Digital Marketing world. […]