14 Jun 2018
budgets to digital marketing

The parasol term digital marketing encompasses a plethora of aspects under a single umbrella. Focus of any and every company is to focus on their different digital (internet) marketing strategies so as to reap the highest rewards with a sound ROI (Return on Investment). Companies and organizations of all possible sizes and genres are therefore […]

21 May 2018
Omni channel

The term omni-channel marketing has indeed become the buzz word which is being used interchangeably along with other phrases like multi-channel marketing, cross-channel marketing and most definitely with integrated marketing. Omni-channel marketing in a word is nothing but a customer-centric approach to marketing that is complex in nature. From the point of view of B2B, […]

16 May 2018
On Page SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the main digital marketing tools of the new age world. Nowadays even a new concept like the SEO has been bifurcated into new school and old school. The new one focuses on making the topics more comprehensive while the old school relies more on the targeting keywords. […]

09 May 2018
popular on Google plus

The thing is if you’re on a social media platform it is very essential that you get social. Many want to make good use of the social media for their profit without getting personally engaged with the building blocks of the social media, the people. This will not do. In order to successfully run a […]

02 May 2018

In today’s economy, most of the transactions are done over the internet. From banking to commerce and from grant donation to retail marketing, everything is taking place in the virtual media empowered by gadgets and connectivity, the consequence being, floating of huge data in the net atmosphere which are very vulnerable to interception. The security […]

25 Apr 2018

The eBay security breach was the second largest in the history of U.S. which gives a sharp reminder about the vulnerability of these e-commerce websites. Information including passwords, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and customer names were compromised as a result of the cyber attack. According to the eBay officials, the exposed database contained customer information […]

18 Apr 2018
Software Security

The one question that comes in the mind when using a new software is whether it is safe or not? This question does not only boggle our minds only but also constantly strains the governments and private organizations. To keep this question at an arms length securing the application software used is most urgent. This […]