Content has always been the king irrespective of the medium of communication. It is only now with the rise of the digital marketing medium that consumers are realizing the value of content but content has always been critically instrumental for leveraging any message, of commercial or social value intending to elicit a desired response from the viewer. Be it a dazzling print advert covering a full page on a newspaper or magazine or a jingle that you hear on the radio from your favourite brand commercial or even a television commercial, the priority was always the nature of the content around which everything else has been designed to favour compatibility. The worthiness of good content and its desired effect on viewers has been amplified in the recent past with the advent of You Tube as alternate broadcasting medium. Short stories, video web logs, comedy and travel videos made by common people out of everyday life have changed the course of viewership as we have traditionally known. Content is the utmost supreme now. And Content has evolved with time to become even more compact and effective to amplify its outreach across masses in the video format. Literacy is a barrier for text content and so is patience. Patience is a virtue not many can be proud owners of.

Hence while text-based content may have limitations in engaging audiences, video content as it has been revealed in recent statistic has maximum penetration and reaches across territories and boundaries with more effectiveness than any other format of content. The reason being, video content generated in a certain native language breaks across with its message to all and sundry including rural and urban viewers under a common canopy. Video content consumption is close to achieving its maximum potential as the prerequisites for the success of the message it is conveying is simple coherence or relating with the plot. Even if audibility is restraint, subtitles are quite helpful in illustrating the progress of any story. Thus video content has reinvented itself as the new choice of content. With easy access to high resolution recording equipment and software available on mobile phones itself, producing video content is no longer an exclusive domain for the rich and elite. With easy accessibility to equipment, and even easier accessibility to broadcast it to an audience beyond territorial restrictions, the Internet has shown the power and reach of good content by making commoners famous and popular as video webloggers. So much so brands are also discarding the conventional approach of celebrity endorsement limited to film stars and cricketers and opening doors to use Vlogger endorsement to sell products such is their likability quotient among viewers. YouTube has shown and demonstrated with ample ease how Video Content is the evolution of content and good content manifested on well recorded and edited videos can organically grow by exponential count much faster than any traditional medium. Moreover, the promise of such visibility is at a cost that is easily affordable for everyone, all and sundry. All you need is a valid email address to be able to start your own YT channel and you are good to launch your videos for viewership by all.

Video content allows more scope for interaction and appeases all the available senses in human beings leaving nothing much to imagination. So a good video is practically capable of controlling the viewer and pushing them closer towards the desired response needed from the content. A text based content may require the user to exercise their imagination, test their basic understanding of a language and comprehension skills and that is a lot of effort expected from a consumer. Video content is the best way to disrupt a consumer’s routine and announce your arrival and change their perception or approach towards any subject matter with the content. This is the foremost purpose of advertisement and video content in the contemporary times satisfies this need to the cross on the T.