Web Development

We Application Development Trend in 2019

The genre of web application development is one of the most crucial aspects of the smart life that we are living right now. The smartphones and all the gadgets would not have achieved the life status it is enjoying nowadays if not for these astute and efficient applications. The digital domain is based on the framework of web application which when fueled with strong networking and cutting-edge technology makes everything very digital, easy and productive. Some of the web development traits which are trending in 2019.

  • Artificial Intelligence has always been in trend. The onset of conceptual modalities of artificial neural network and machine learning has given AI a serious boost. The bots in search engines are a product of these. With AI bots in action data collection, storage, analysis, processing and security has become very subtle and results are being delivered in the most efficient way.
  • Another breakthrough trend of 2019 is the mass acceptance and mass solicitation of the JavaScript. The framework of this programming language has advanced so much that it adds a whole new dimension to the web application developed by it. JS makes an app flexible, secured and evolutionary.
  • The hottest web trends in 2019 are PWA & SPA. PWA or progressive web application is very reliable and efficient because it’s built with progressive functionalities and enhancements. The apps can load on any browser working on any strength network and are very safe for their http mold. SPA or single page application, on the other hand, is also very trending because of its super-fast responsiveness. The streamline construct of angular & react frameworks makes it high performing.
  • The motion UI is the most recent trend in the block because it gives the users a chance to carve their niche style on the digital front. These seamless transition from real to virtual is the USP. This is the new age technology for the creative domains like animation, design, illustration, calligraphy and much more.