Voice Search Optimizing

The digital age dawned in the 2000s with the ascent of computers and the internet. But what made it revolutionary was something entirely different; it was the emergence of some of the groundbreaking software that made the digital age truly futuristic. A search engine is one of such revolutionary inventions of the Digital Marketing world. Google is the most popular search engine on the globe and was the first in archiving and listing data in the most condensed and accessible ways. The search is built on a self-learning algorithm that is updating with changing times to make the search procedure more lucid and credible that is evolving day by day. The voice search is the latest integration to the search engine domain and one may say the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. With the latest smart technologies in the market, the voice search is becoming more predominant way for the people to search the World Wide Web (WWW). Voice search is more accurate than type search and is generally correlates with long tail keyword search rather than smaller keyword searching. This is becoming quite a hassle for the people working in the domain managing it. This is where optimization comes to play. By following some simple procedures the hurdle could be surpassed and once such a causality occurs productivity & profitability would go through the roofs.

  1. The content of the website must be made readable so that it can be scanned very easily and without much trouble. By using relevant keywords, short & crisp paragraphs emboldened headers and fewer Ad pop-ups can make the website a voice search optimized one.
  2. The company must have a Google Listing. The website without Google listing has a lower rank in voice search results. The website must have a 100% completion in the detailing section of business profile listing.
  3. The website must get a good rapport with the official guides of the voice assistant devices and then make the voice search optimization. With this, the optimization could be done in the most efficient manner without any backlog of excess data.
  4. Focusing on a long-tail keyword is the best way to optimize voice search SEO. This is because while speaking people tend to say long phrases for narrowing down the search results with detailed specifications.
  5. To create a frequently asked question of FAQ corner in the website can lead a website to greater visibility in voice search results. The voice search generally lists snippets of FAQ on the search subject and having relevant long tail keywords in the FAQs could rank up the website in the voice SERP (Search Engine Result Page(s)).
  6. Integrating microdata in the website content can really boost voice search optimization. Leaving behind markup trails in the website for Google to pick up on, regarding details of the catered goods or services like related graphs, stats and images can surely up the visibility of the website during voice search results.
  7. The website must inject humour to the voice search optimization in order to make them visible in the vocal assistant devices more prominent. By understanding the nature of people’s search style the website can really turn new leaves in the voice optimization concept.

The world is now joining the artificial intelligence parade and the device are getting smarter by the minute. With voice search as the new tool that transition would be smoother than any other medium.

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