12 Sep 2016
Email Marketing Company in Navi Mumbai

Last year, the number of emails sent and received was over 205 billion. The world is moving around e-mail and most of the communication happens over mails.

So if e-mail has to stay, we need to understand the myths around e-mail that are more dangerous if not understood correctly:

  1. Tuesday/Thursday are the best day to send email.
    You would have heard this one. And if you haven’t then imagine someone asking you to guess the very best day to send e-mail and you would start imagining- Monday is a busy day and Friday would not be right as people would be catching-up for the weekend celebrations!! So it must be Tuesday/Thursday and you just reached a dead conclusion as thousands of  e-mail marketers. Emails have to be catchy and interesting to the recipients so don’t get caught on the Tuesday/Thursday trap
  2. Keep your email short.
    Have you ever heard people saying that emails should be short & sweet so as to get the perfect attention of the reader.  The fact is , the first two lines has to be drafted well and interesting that would push the reader and explore more get latched on to read the rest with an objective to take the desired action!! What is important to understand is what do your visitors and prospects care about? And how much they would be willing to read about it? One should also plan, at the end to make the reader take action by providing free trial signups etc. Don’t worry about cutting your message while brevity would surely help!!
  3. Keep your subject line short
    With the increase in the smart phone users, articles popped up stating email subject line should be short. Keep it to 20-30 characters. The research says it is not about the length of the subject line but the catchiness of the subject line. It could be even 51-60 characters but the subject line should be interesting.
  4. You can send email only once
    The probability to open an email is 30% that means 70% of the emails might not get opened. So how do we further increase the probability of getting it opened? I would recommend to change and tweak the subject line making it more effective. As such you would have spent time in making the whole email and is out again a week later to the non-openers !!
  5. Unsubscribes are bad
    Some email marketers love to state that they have very low unsubscribe rates. But actually it is awesome!! As you would not want to waste money, time & energy on people who are unlikely to buy from you. In fact the tech savvy email marketers try to get unqualified list to their unsubscribe list so as to maximize their ROI.

Don’t buy the above email marketing myths and emails are just the most powerful tool available today with the human kind and quite easy to implement and monitor. There are a lot of bad advice out there stay tuned to more insides from us .