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Change is the only constant they say and if anything is changing noticeably fast, it is the World Wide Web (WWW). The web is constantly changing. The Internet originally started out in our worldly scheme of things as an avenue or an outlet for escape. Escape from the mundane and routine sordid day to day affairs into a virtual world, a world of unknown and hidden identities. However, with passing time, the web started to grow a profound grasp over our lives, initially with the outsourcing chapter creating many jobs in a time of scarcity and lack of employment opportunities leading eventually to the e-commerce boom which displayed a noticeable shift in the direction of the present economy towards the digital platform. The advent of social media has only reinforced very high standards of digital presence in the form of interactive applications for user engagement. Hence all brands looking forward to capitalizing this open market of end users are employing the best of upgrades to make their engagement platform stand out amongst competition. And how?

Let us talk about some of the latest arrivals in the world of web development and related updates that will not only spark a new trend in the field of innovation and creativity but also revolutionize the way we have been offering web based interactive avenues for our users. Materialize CSS, an open source designing platform built on a combination of CSS Saas and JavaScript allows and supports conceptualizations that bridge the divide between the web based designs and the real world. Not only on the designing front, but there’s good news for developers and programmers as well because Php 7 and upgraded version of the original open source scripting language is extremely compatible with integrated content management systems (CMS). Not just that code created in this specific scripting language allows integration across multiple frameworks. SSL Certification & Https are shining examples of real time attempts to ensure security and authenticity to both parties, the user and the webmaster. We are already aware of the importance of data interpretation and visitor behaviour patterns in order to optimize the website for better results and this is possible by using open source analytical software or applications such as Google Analytics. Created by Google itself it is a recommended platform to analyze and monitor website performance. Virtual Reality is also being consumed in a huge way and the onset of 2018 has ushered in VR optimized content management systems being offered by WordPress. So finally users can create more VR experiences for themselves and their intended audiences. The mere installation of simple plug in, or a WordPress based call to action which can create 3 dimensional experiences in Virtual Reality for the user while on headsets.