Software Security

The one question that comes in the mind when using a new software is whether it is safe or not? This question does not only boggle our minds only but also constantly strains the governments and private organizations. To keep this question at an arms length securing the application software used is most urgent. This is where secure development comes into play. This is the process that ensures secure development of software by giving it protection in every level of processing and coding. There are many parts of secure development but utilisation of the same can be done by implementing by SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) and secure coding.

1. SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) – Integrating a security procedure in the development lifecycle of software and verifying the same in its wake give a full scope of risk mitigation caused by both external and internal means. SDL helps maturing software with protection details thus assuring its security. This could be achieved by following some steps :
a. Training
b. Designing
c. Requirement Listing
d. Construction
e. Software Testing
f. Software Release & its Response
One of the most interesting and important part of SDL in security incorporation is the implementation of testing tools in it. Testing tools are applied to instantly prepare template for the application, quality checking, code securing and regulation check listing. Instantaneous finding and fixing of errors in the software is also thumbs up for the automated testing tools. Training the developers in certified courses for secure development is the best way to succeed from the manual level. Assessment of the software’s security and incorporating the secure development in both traditional and new SDLs is an insightful approach. Having a good operational toolkit, a security policy and a sound coding system will let one make a successful SDL for their application software.

2. Secure Coding – Coding is the main part of software development. To make it most secure is the vital job of a developer. There are many certified service providers and training institutes for securing the coding. For software development with most secure coding usage of languages like C/C++, ASP.NET, J2EE etc. By tactfully utilising any and every tricks, secure development of application software will become a piece of cake for all developers.