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The world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the domain of marketing with the entry of digital marketing. Everything that was thought to be the perfect form of advertisement was exposed to the people as an incomplete form of promotional drive that gained completeness with the integration of digital marketing tactics. The inclusion of digital media, social media, influencers and word of the mouth in both real and virtual domains made marketing campaigns more productive for the moguls. But all things have their own set of cons. The advent of digital marketing saw a flurry of identical initiatives on the web and a swarm of ads on the screen. This gave people the reason to opt for blockers for smoother browsing. However, this also gave cooperates & startups run for their money. So, in order to strengthen the existing customers’ base and allure in new customers the advertising think tanks invented the new marketing concept of retargeting.

Retargeting is a technology that uses the cookies in the customer’s browser to send in latest promotional projectiles to allure them back to the site. This is done to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. The more subtle is the campaigning the greater is the profitability. But retargeting is a very delicate process and if done with coarseness could backfire because the process is to invite back the surfers who have once bounced back. So you must tread the path very cautiously. The following are a set of common retargeting mistakes along with their fixes. Go through the pointers for receiving guaranteed results.

1. The most common retargeting mistake is saturating the visitor with ads. This will only annoy them and they will never come back. Use frequency cap to send in a tolerable number of ads. You should use burn pixel. This will target untagged audiences only and not bother the customers who have already availed the goods or services.

2. Conversion rates is whether the people have clicked on CTA link or button. It is about whether they have finally gone through the process after CTA or not. The mistake is that many think a click on CTA is all. You must retarget the persons who do not complete the process after that click and this can be done via proficient conversion tracking system.

3. Retargeting will be of no effect on the people if the website and the ads are the same as the ones the visitors have bounced-off before. Create new ones. Splurge a bit on the creatively & the magnetism of the ads and the landing pages for a successful retargeting drive. Remarketing is the best solution in such a scenario.

4. If you sent retargeting ads randomly it will be of no use. This is because some may have bounced –off on ads, some may don’t like the website while others may have wanted to demo try the payment portal. To fix this mistake analyze the purposes and intents of the customers, segment the audience likewise and retarget them appropriately with customized ads.

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