Workshop Philosophy

This is a two  days Hands-on Workshop  targeted for both physiotherapy students and clinicians that discusses all new trends for the identification & management of Low back pain . The work presented at this course is an integration of concepts advocated by James Cyriax, G.D Maitland, McConnell, Mennell, McKenzie, Edwards, Lee, Janda, Jull, Richardson and Mohanty. Special emphasis is given on Clinical reasoning, Evidence Based Practice and Tensegrity concept.


Introduction:  2 Hrs

Eras of development in Physiotherapy, Introduction to Manual Therapy ( Different Schools of Thought), Manual Therapy: Definitions, Indications and contraindications, Biomechanical Principles in Manual Therapy(Fryette’s Laws, Concave-Convex rule, Close pack and Loose pack Positions, Joint status gradings), Barrier concepts , Assessment of dominant eye, Type of palpatory hands,Classification of palpation, Flat palpation,Pincer palpation, Practical session for the pincer palpation, Important things to be perceived by palpation, Effects of manual therapy, Indications of manual therapy, Contraindications of manual therapy, Principle of joint mobilization, Important considerations in manual therapy, Record of informed consent.

Anatomy And Biomechanics Of The Lumbo-Pelvic Complex :2Hrs

Biomechanical characteristics of pelvic complex,Sacroiliac joint form closure and force closure components, Ligaments of Pelvic Complex, Neurology of SIJ,Function and biomechanics of SIJ, Pathomechanics of Pelvic complex,Anatomy of sacrum, Morphology of sacrum, Sacral Movements, Anatomy of pubic symphysis, Biomechanics of pubic Symphysis.

Manual Therapy Assessment Techniques For Lumbo-Pelvic Complex: 5Hrs

Causes of Pelvic Complex pain, Clinical presentations of SIJ Involvement, Observation of Pelvic Complex, Physiological Movements( Lumbopelvic assessment, Gillet test ,SIJ mobility/stability tests),Dysfunctions of Pelvic Complex(Innominate dysfunctions, Sacral dysfunctions, Pubic symphysis dysfunctions),  Clinical test of the pelvic complex.

Manual Therapy Treatment Techniques For Lumbo-Pelvic Complex Dysfunction:7Hrs

Lumbar Facet Dysfunction Management (Lateral P-A Glide mobilizations and Rotation manipulations), Lumbar Disc Prolapse management ( Mobilisation and Manipulation in extension positions, Listing corrections), Treatment for innominate dysfunctions, Up slip innominate dysfunction management (Tug pull manipulation, Superior inferior translation, Muscle energy technique), Down slip innominate dysfunction management (Mobilisation/ manipulation from ischial tuberosity (subject in prone lying), Mobilisation manipulation from ischial tuberosity (subject in crook lying),  Anterior rotation of innominate dysfunction management(Side lying mobilization and manipulation technique,Chicago technique, Muscle energy technique).Posterior rotation of innominate dysfunction management(Manipulation in prone lying position, Muscle energy technique). Innominate out-flare dysfunction management(Mobilisation in side lying position,  Muscle energy technique,Core stability training), Innominate in-flare dysfunction management(Mobilization in crook lying position, Muscle energy technique), Treatment for pubic symphysis dysfunction.

Piriformis syndrome(Description of piriformis, Shape and location of piriformis muscle, Pathophysiology, Evaluation of the piriformis tightness,Treatment for the piriformis syndrome, Piriformis inhibition with thumb, Piriformis inhibition with elbow.

Resource Person:

Prof.Umasankar Mohanty

B.P.T(Hons), M.P.T( Manual Therapy), PhD, MISEP(U.S.A), M.I.A.P, F.A.G.E

[ Trained under faculties of Loma Linda University( USA), Orthopedic Medicine International(Belgium), University of Queensland( Australia), Chartered Society of Physiotherapy(U.K), BCOM(London) and McConnell Institute (Australia)]

President, Manual Therapy Foundation of India (R.)
PHD Guide, Lovely Professional University

Member, International Society of Educators in Physiotherapy

International Partner, Americal Physical Therapy Association(A.P.T.A,U.S.A) Author of the Book “ Manual Therapy of The Pelvic Complex”              


Manual Therapy

Resource Person Dr. Umasankar Mohanty

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