Social media

Will video content be the future of digital marketing?

Social media is the latest gossip and mingling hub for the people of twenty first century. Whether it is Facebook or twitter, people have their account in these to stay in the loop and trend set their way into the vibrant new virtual world. People talking to people and sharing their thoughts, achievements, memories, lifestyles and experiences on social media have made these platforms a goldmine for anyone & everyone with a purpose. Both the corporate and public sectors are utilizing the social media to build expanding audience bases. For entrepreneurial endeavors this is the place to make the business flourish, strengthen the loyal customer base and search for potential new customers. But for that to pan out fruitfully the initiative must be engrossing enough to keep the people engaged in the page. This will not only increase the conversion rate but also give branding apositive & profitable boost. Here are some lists of dos that will definitely increase your engagementwith the people on social media.

• Use the funny fact and the wits in your posts to make it more attractive and alluring.
• Ask questions and give the answers after few sessions to keep the people hooked up.
• Create good & original contents and post them with attractive pictures & funky. Using visuals & animations is the trend.
• Make the replies factual, friendly and definitely use emoji & stickers in them.
• Create engaging video contents.
• Use the hashtags to make a beeline into the untapped audience base.
• Schedule posting on social media is the most important aspect to keep the page lively.
• Staging a contest once in a while with a giveaway is one of the best baits for increasing people’s engagement.
• Influence marketing and showcasing fans & customers reviews are the best the ways to attract more people.
• Go live and directly reach out to the audience.