29 Mar 2017
Analytics Management Agency in Navi Mumbai

Find your way around analytics

It may be so that you have not used Analytics before. However, making use of the interface map and even the usage of the numbered sections mentioned below will help you get aware of the prime reporting controls and the tools.

Analytics accounts links

In this case you can start with the Analytics accounts links. This you can notice on top part of the page in the section of the Analytics. In the way, you get an access to all accounts, the views and the properties and these are better linked to the present login essentials.

Product accounts, the diagnostics, the google accounts and the organizations

Next it is time to deal with the product accounts, the diagnostics, the Google accounts and the organizations. On the page of the Analytics you will have an access to the set of the notifications and you can even correctly handle the diagnostic messages. This way you can move between the product accounts and you can even link yourself with the organizations.

Report navigation

There is even proper navigation of the Report. This way, you can have an access of all essential reports. For this you can successfully make use of the search box and this way you can at fast locate the specific report. Then, it is time to click on the report category and this will help to open up the entire list of the reports. As part of the customization category you have options like Shortcuts, Dashboards and one can even make use of the Custom Reports.

Report header

It is important that you make use of the Report Header correctly. You can see the Header on the top of the Report and this makes a part of the Analytics. Once you analyze the header you find the report title and there is even the controls that will act on the Report as part of the entire project.

Adding the segments

Then it is time for you to add the Segments in style. This is the kind of subset that you can easily add to your Analytics data. You can add the segment to the report and this will help in comparing the various data subsets.

Report tabs

The Report Tabs will help you have the best view of the data. Now, you get to see all things at one place. As part of the standard report you can access the Explorer Tab and this typically includes double parts. There is a graph on the top part of the data and you can even notice the table below.


If you analyze the upper part of the Explorer Tabs you can see the display of the graphical view of the specific data. As part of the Graph control you have several things to consider. You can make use of the Graph Metric, the Graph time-scale and even the Graph type buttons.

Data table

At last there is the Data Table and this you can see on the lower part of the Explorer Tab. In this case, the data is being displayed in the tabular form. However, the display mode of the primary dimension and even the display of the metrics will depend on the report type and this is also based on the selected metric group which you can discover as part of the Explorer tab controls.

At the end there should be a perfect understanding and interaction with the data table. This will help in better understanding of the concept.