13 Sep 2017

Every computer, laptop, mobile and any other device that is connected to the internet has a unique identification called IP (Internet Protocol) address that helps it to communicate over other networks. These IP addresses are made up of numbers, for e.g. and therefore are difficult to remember. Domain names provide an easy access to websites and web pages by hiding such technical IP addresses. It is easy to remember braincandy.in rather than its numerical IP address. Domain Name System (DNS) provides a way to match a website’s name to its address.

As a domain registrant, it is necessary to understand the importance of choosing a domain name wisely. One has to be well informed of different types of domains. A relevant domain name attracts traffic to your website and improves business. Domain name, just like any of our names, has an initial name, middle name and a surname! The initial name is called the machine name, often ‘www’, and then the middle name is a specific descriptor called the ‘domain’, followed by the surname which is known as Top Level Domains (TLD) such as .com. Top Level Domains are at the highest level of DNS structure.

What are different types of domains?

.COM: Domain extension .COM is widely used all over the world. It is intended for the commercial purpose of a website and is therefore used by various business groups, companies and individuals for profit. .COM is one of the root servers.

.NET: Domains ending with .NET are majorly used for networking services and for creating residential email addresses of employees. For e.g. an employee at ‘xyz’ company would use name@xyz.com for business email, but name@xyz.net for the residential address.

.ORG: Domain names with extension .ORG are usually expected to be used by non-profit organizations. However, one is free to use .ORG extension for a profit business or .NET domain extension for a non-profit organisation.

.COM, .NET, .ORG are commonly used domain extension types. Many companies use all the three domains for branding strategies.

TLD’s which are restricted to certain entities are as follows:
.GOV: This extension can only be used by local, state and central government bodies. For instance (india.gov.in)
.EDU: Domain name ending with .EDU is restricted to public universities and other educational institutes.
.MIL: Domain extension .MIL is restricted to military websites.

It is essential to come up with a good domain name with relevant domain extension to enhance business.