If you have a startup and are looking for unique and creative ways to market it, here are 3 ways in which you can do it:

Show Passion for the Problem

Show that you know about how your start-up will solve a pressing problem that people have. People have a habit of searching for a solution to their problem and not a product. They are searching for a hotel because they want a vacation; they are searching for a pest control service because their homes are infested with rodents; they want a cab because they want to go to work comfortably. Make it known that you are offering something that can solve people’s problems. Be present wherever you feel people will go to search for a solution and tell them you have it.

Offer Your Services For Free

Yes! You heard it right. Offer your services for free, but only if they become missionaries of your product or service. As soon as they use your service, they can have it for free if they post, share, and recommend the product to other people. This will give you a platform from where you can broadcast about your offerings. This will of course, only be till you don’t have customers who swear by you. You don’t want to end up running an NGO! Do you?

Win Local, Compete Global

Even if you are a startup that is eyeing the global market, start small in a smaller geography or segment of customers. Remember, a small success story is more popular than a colossal failure. Concentrate on making it big in a smaller zone and then broadcast that success story. People would definitely want to identify with a business that has seen some amount of success.