05 Jun 2019
Do hashtags matter on Facebook

Hashtags – Unfolding the myth around them What are hashtags? Any trend setting catch phrase or set of words that are preceded by the prefix symbol # are known as hashtags. Hashtags were popularized on social networking sites such as Facebook and micro blogging site twitter after certain mass scale campaigns were launched to bring […]

22 May 2019

Many novice start up owners or business owners who have recently made the transition from physical shop to an Ecommerce venture dealing in traditional commodities and ventures express exaggerated enthusiasm in a bid to leave no stone unturned. No doubt that they convey the fact that they have done their homework well and are well […]

08 May 2019

The Wind of Change- The need to embrace digital integration When it comes to small and medium enterprises, the singular restraining factor that is common to all of them is stipulated capital or financial funds. This stipulated budget of operation requires adequate split among all the areas of production and appropriate budgets allotted to their […]