It has been remaining as one of the horns of a dilemma for the clients on the issue of hiring between the freelancers and the professional content writing firms since ages. If the reasons or the pros and cons can be placed under the microscope for a minute study, then it can produce various causes. But at the end, it is the agencies who are a miles ahead than the freelancers in various perspectives and they overweigh the balance scale as compared to the freelancers.

Firstly if the quality of the service provided by the firms and a freelancer can be compared, then a huge disparity can be seen among those. A content writing firm has numerous content writers who are exceptionally adept in their respective domains and they have a command over their knowledge, experience and market demands. On the other hand, it is quite arduous for a freelancer to provide high class materials to their clients if the assigned project is not in their domain. Thus it is a huge advantage for the clients to select their required content materials from a wide variety of samples from the agencies which are usually unavailable from a freelancer’s end.

Secondly, the agencies are always updated with the recent trends and advancements of the industry. Every trifles of the related world are at their fingertips. They can provide the up to date solutions and updates about the contents to their clients. The premium institutions of the industry have sundry experiences about the respective areas. They appoint the best team of professionals with best knowledge and skill to bring out the best outcome with their level of expertise. These sorts of accumulated services can be availed only with the institutions, not from the freelancers.

Thirdly most of the firms provide a full package support to their clients. The clients can utilize the advantage of getting the full package including the contents, web designing, SEO, marketing etc. all under a common roof and they can have a hassle free experience for their work. On the other hand, a freelancer is unable to provide all of these supports to their clients as because most of the time it becomes impossible for one person to handle all of the domains on his own.

Fourthly when the issue comes regarding the reliability then the agencies become the toppers of the list. It is because the firms or the agencies are constituted with panels of devoted and highly skilled personnel. They are committed to serving their clients as per their needs within the stipulated time period under any circumstances. On the other hand, this consistency lacks for a greater share from the freelancer’s end. As one has to work alone in most of the cases in freelancing, it becomes quite difficult for one’s to manage all the issues under all situations.

Finally, the relationship between the clients and the service provider is a very much crucial parameter for the services. In this context, the agencies are quite advanced than the freelancers in many ways. From the beginning of the project the agencies are committed to providing assistance to their clients for the projects with compliance with their company protocol. In many cases they use to input very much technical and essential tit-bit for the betterment of the project. They will be all the time with their client until the clients get satisfied with their final result. On the contrary, the freelancers can leave the clients in the middle of the projects if the project seems to be unsuitable to him/her or he/she is offered more bucks from other projects.