Google AdWords and Google AdSense

The latest financial strategies are all drawn on the schematics of the World Wide Web (WWW). The whole digitization of the society concept has made every aspect of life intertwined with the smart devices and the internet. Henceforth, the online presence of life has become very real than reel. The online market is a sphere of endless opportunity and prospect but it is also a quicksand for entrepreneurs without an outlook and a sound strategy. Anyway for any online businessman making a presence on the digital market is very necessary and what can be more promising in this aspect than the all-knowing search engine Google.

The Google is the most widely used and the deepest rooted search engine in the whole world. Google is one of the major pillars of digital marketing and for making people get to use the web better for marketing purpose it has doled out quite a few online marketing tools in the process. The two main tools are the Google AdWords and the Google AdSense. Many people get themselves confused when talking about these two as at some points their usages are synonymous but overall these two serve very different purpose. It is very essential for entrepreneurs to be knowledgeable about AdWords and AdSense from Google or else the firm will be left out of the option to flourish on the internet.

AdWords is one of the marketing tools from the search engine giants Google that enables a person or an enterprise to create and establish an advertisement in the most effective and feasible way. For using AdWords one just has to sign in. Once inside the account the entrepreneur or the enterprise can create advertisement or marketing campaigns. In the process the Google will provide the entity with suitable keyword and other lead generating supports to increase the visibility of the entity’s brand on the web. With Google AdWords on the roll the SERP results and SEO factors for the enterprise will ride on the cloud nine. The users can track and analyze the campaign progress and recalibrate their stance on the campaign for the better or for the worse. Though the sign in part is free of cost, all the other variables are cost concerning. AdWords is a tool to make one’s advertisement successful for a cost. PPC (Pay per Click), also known as CPC (Cost per Click) is a part of AdWords.

Google AdSense is however a tad different from AdWords. It has actually nothing to do with creating an advertisement campaign but has to do with publishing it. The ads created in the AdWords needs a platform to publish and Google uses its own platform and other affiliate sites to make that happen. The way to get enrolled as an affiliate publishing site is through the tool AdSense. AdSense is a tool for website owners who want to act as billboard on the web. In return for their services as online advertisement publishing portals, the owners get a cut from the revenue generated by Google. To get an account in AdSense one has to register first then after retrospections from Google, if the results are positive one gets the key to AdSense and all its perks.
The whole process of online marketing and using of marketing tools is to generate revenues. So who gets what?

Google is an achiever in both cases. In AdWords the client pay Google to create and establish a proactive advertisement. It also gets return from the PPC drive that further accelerates the scope for the advertisement. Google publishes the ads so it also gets revenue from that.

Next comes the business website owner. Through AdSense they use their websites for publishing ads generated from AdWords and in the process get a share of the revenue procured by Google in the process.

Lastly, comes the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs spend lots of money on AdWords to get a good advertisement campaign going. If the process clicks then the traffic inflow towards the client’s site increases and so does its profitability.

Finally if one asks what is the difference between Google AdWords and Google AdSense then a summed up answer will be, AdWords help businesses to create & display advertisements for a price and AdSense affiliates eligible business portals for publishing ads created with a share of revenue in return.