GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is an online protocol that safeguards the security of the personal data of the people living in the European Union (EU). The GDPR is strictly in operation in EU and it protects the privacy of the individuals while storing & transference of data. Since the export of personal information from the EU has been green signalled, the safety features of the data has been quadrupled. The GDPR will be in effect for every company even if some are essential based outside the EU. This will happen only if the company gets access to the data of an individual residing in EU. So to get the data processing operation a legitimate, hassle free and productive one, the companies must get a GDPR compliant plugin integrated in their Word Press software to function with safety and fairness. Some of the top 10 GDPR plugins are mentioned below:-

  1. WP GDPR Compliance – This is a complete assistance plugin for a Word Press program that can guide it smoothly through all GDPR legislations. This is essentially a support plugin that deals with contact form, WP comment, WooCommerce and gravity form.
  2. GDPR – This is an assistance plugin that deals with data processing, data control and data protection that takes care of all rights & obligations of the compliant firm under GDPR. Consent, privacy preference, privacy policy, cookies, opt-in, data processing, publishing, data subjection, data audit and various other managements is operational under this plugin.
  3. GDPR Framework – This is one of the most user friendly plugin that allow both the visitors and the users to control their data and configure the whole system. This is a pure obedience of GDPR and the plugin supports formidable form, contact form 7 and so on.
  4. WP GDPR – This plugin is an open source one that helps the programmer create a GDPR compliant website through unique linking and communication. The backend service of the plugin is very astute and it gives the operator control over comment approval and data logistics.
  5. DW GDPR – This is a plugin for the WP GDPR Compliance that gives it extra leverage to perform better according to the legislation like emailing drive for administration updating, notification, data downloading and many more.
  6. Cookie Law / GDPR Info – This plugin helps the firm follow the EU GDPR law for cookies. It helps the admin to manage the cookie better, in accepting or rejecting it and set limit for its storage.
  7. Cookiebot – This is an all-out cookie management plugin that gives the data processing officer and the admin a vigilance over the consent banner. It helps in categorization of the cookies and prioritizes those accordingly in order to safeguard the privacy of people’s data under the GDPR.
  8. GDPR Visitor Consent – This is controller plugin that gives the user complete in for control over the scripts that were loaded in WP.
  9. GDPR Comments – It is a plugin for WP GDPR Compliance that helps in comment managing with features like IP anonymization, term noticing and checkboxing.
  10. Google Analytics Germanized (GDPR / DSGVO) – This is an exclusive plugin for analyzing all of the operation and data handling happening in the archiving & transferring procedures of a WordPress to uphold the legislation of GDPR in the workings of the company. The plugin has a Google Analytics integration for better performance and enhanced data privacy.