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Braincandy is the search engine optimization (SEO) company in Mumbai offering services like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Link Building.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are like riding a tiger…you better don’t get down, but you also don’t know if the tiger likes you on its back!

SEO Services –The Need for Every Online Business

Anyone who knows how to launch a browser seems to have an opinion about SEO. It is a mystery which everyone seems to have unraveled. But the truth is that in the mad rush to rank among the top 3 websites in search engines, the strategy seems to be a casualty. Irrelevant keywords are just stuffed in content pieces without any objective in place. This is like shooting in the dark and hoping that you somehow manage to hit something.

The Right SEO Strategy – Only an Experts Job

We ensure that we follow a proper strategy to elevate your position in the search engine rankings. More than keywords, we are focused on ‘key verse’; which means giving you content that reaches the customer and penetrates deep and strong into his buying decision to give you that added leverage.

We go beyond extracting keywords and give you a solution that will ensure that you are not just another entry on Google’s search page, but one that will hold your customer’s attention long enough for them to make a decision.

If you are a financial conglomerate, a real estate company, a hospitality brand, a restaurateur or a service provider, you would find that our SEO services would add value to your marketing efforts. Even if you are focused on bringing business through online channels or through the brick-and-mortar model, count on us to make your businesses visible where it can be seen the most.

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If you have not seen any kind of SEO jargon like off-page optimization, attaching backlinks etc, we’ve deliberately kept it this way. We don’t believe in bombarding you with commonplace, but irrelevant info.  Get in touch with our experts and find us delivering measurable results with the best and ethical SEO practices.

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