07 Nov 2017

Major Changes in Google Ad Words Affect Advertisers! Google made a hush-hush announcement in which they revealed a major change in how they choose to allocate your daily ad. spend. The change shook all advertisers! Is this change in the favour of advertisers and in what way? Are they content with this change? Let’s understand. […]

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09 Oct 2017

With increasing competition from Amazon, flipkart and other such platforms, retailers are struggling to survive and to increase their sales in this extremely fluctuating market. As a retailer you have to research the market and come up with effective strategies to compete. If you own a brick and mortar store, it very important to understand […]

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03 Oct 2017

With increasing advancement in the technology, website visitors are using various electronic gadgets such as smartphone mobiles, tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktop computers etc. according to their convenience. While producing and maintaining a website it is necessary to speculate the convenience of visitors. For converting visitors into your customers, you need to have an attractive […]

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13 Sep 2017

Every computer, laptop, mobile and any other device that is connected to the internet has a unique identification called IP (Internet Protocol) address that helps it to communicate over other networks. These IP addresses are made up of numbers, for e.g. and therefore are difficult to remember. Domain names provide an easy access to […]

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09 Aug 2017

E-Commerce Solutions: We specialize in e-commerce website where you can have maximum sales opportunity. We design it in such a way that it stands out, be creative, easy navigation and user friendly. Consultancy and Strategy: We are aware of current trends and happenings and accordingly we help our client to strategist and put innovative ideas […]

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27 Jun 2017
Vertical Nevigation

We all know that we need neat and simple navigation to hover around any websites.Earlier the screen sizes were in horizontal, hence there was a practice of keeping all the elements of the menu in the same way. With technology being advanced and wider screen is getting stretched downwards, we can see the trend of […]

VERTICAL NAVIGATION TREND was last modified: September 29th, 2017 by Brain Candy
05 Jun 2017
Digital Marketing Agency

The era of digitalization makes every product or service easily available online due to which it is created. Nowadays every sort of business works online. If you are a Business owner looking into creating a website which fulfils your two objectives i.e.to convey your business to the customers and to give best user experience. This […]

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03 May 2017

There are several ways by which you can confidently update your marketing strategy. Here you can learn about the ten most effective ways by which you can keep your strategy intact. Decision fatigue is the kind of theory and this can really prevent the customers from making vital purchases. However, one can make the best […]

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26 Apr 2017

It may be so that you have decided for the best social media campaigning and in the way you can have perfect marketing of the brand. However, in this case you have certain essentialities to consider. It is normal that you sit and think about the outcomes of social media campaign. This is an option […]

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29 Mar 2017
Google Analyatics

Find your way around analytics It may be so that you have not used Analytics before. However, making use of the interface map and even the usage of the numbered sections mentioned below will help you get aware of the prime reporting controls and the tools. Analytics accounts links In this case you can start […]

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